It’s crucial to understand that a celiac sufferer cannot ingest even the tiniest amount of gluten, which means that it’s essential to prevent cross-contamination at all times. Cross-contamination is the process whereby a gluten-free product incorporates gluten through contact with foodstuffs or leftover food that contain gluten. All contact with foodstuffs that contain gluten must be avoided when preparing gluten-free food.

Advice for preventing cross-contamination

– Make sure that the area in which gluten-free food is prepared remains free of gluten.

– Make sure that the oil you use has not been used previously to prepare food with gluten.

– If you use an oven, make sure that it has no traces of gluten and never cook gluten-free food together with food that contains gluten. The gluten-free food should be cooked first.

– Don’t use the same utensils for gluten-free food and food that contains gluten.